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 Prologue: "Makuta" reborn - Heir to the Kraahkan

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Prologue: "Makuta" reborn - Heir to the Kraahkan Empty
PostSubject: Prologue: "Makuta" reborn - Heir to the Kraahkan   Prologue: "Makuta" reborn - Heir to the Kraahkan EmptyMon Sep 13, 2021 7:38 pm

At a stone dais in the center of a darkly-lit room, four beings who couldn't have been more different stood waiting. Amongst them were a bulky, crimson-armored Glatorian; a tall, muscular blue Skakdi; a lithe Vortixx in black and silver; and a sapphire-armored being that could've been mistaken for a Toa, if Toa were the kinds of beings who showed up for shady dark-room dealings.

"I don't like to be kept waiting." the Vortixx hissed. "Are we certain that the person who called this meeting even exists? Perhaps this is a trap to lure us out into the open."

"He's real." the Toa stated firmly. "Don’t worry. He'll be here."

"Not exactly a stirring vote of confidence from the Toa over here." the Skakdi snarled, the word "Toa" said as if it burned his mouth to give it form.

"Oh, trust me, Nektann, I'm not exactly thrilled to be working alongside you either." the Toa cooed, putting her hands to her hips. "Personally, I figured we should've called for the Shadowed One instead, but he insisted--"

"If all you’re going to do is squabble, I'm leaving." the Glatorian grumbled, turning to walk away from the dais. "Find some other fool to play your little game."

"Believe me, you're going to want to hear him out." A voice called from the hall leading to the chamber. From the darkness, an imposing figure in white armor stepped forth. He was of no species the assorted beings recognized, but they could tell with a single look that he was a specimen to behold. Strong, yet limber and, one might even say, handsome, the being carried himself with authority and swagger, as if he knew how good he looked and didn't care who knew it.

"Well, well." the Vortixx chuckled, admiring the newcomer's form. "I'd heard rumors, but I'd yet to see they were true until now. The great Pridak does indeed live. Had I known it was you who'd called this meeting, I might've shined my armor a little."

"You flatter me, Roodaka." the white-armored being laughed. "But I wasn't the one who summoned you all. He is."

Pridak stepped out of the way, taking a spot at the dais as another newcomer entered the room. He was the size of a Toa, but he looked like no Toa the rest of them had ever seen. Clad in black armor speckled with a rusty brown and some pale silver, carrying a pair of bladed chakrams and trailing a black cloak behind him. From under his mask, bright red eyes glowed like flames, his gaze unknowable as he surveyed the gathered misanthropes.

And upon his head, he wore the helm that had once been worn by Makuta Icarax, and before that by Teridax himself. True, it was battered, it’s ebony surface had been pocked by rust and scratches, and it seemed as if it had cracked in one spot before being welded back together, but there was no denying it. It was the Kanohi Kraahkan, Mask of Shadows.

"I," the being said in a low, threatening tone. "am Makuta."

Roodaka and Nektann stared in shock at the newcomer's appearance, while the Glatorian looked on with apathy, unclear on the significance of this development.

"Who?" the crimson Glatorian asked. "I've never heard of a 'Makuta' before."

"Show respect!" Roodaka snarled, rounding on the Glatorian with rage in her eyes. "As if I'm to believe you've never heard of a Makuta before!"

"That's quite enough, Roodaka." the one who called himself "Makuta" said, his tone even and cold. "Malum is a native of Bara Magna. He has no context for what the name 'Makuta' really means."

He turned his gaze to the rest of them, his blank red eyes seeming to size them each up one-by-one, and one-by-one they felt something like an icy grip tighten around their heart. Roodaka and Pridak had felt something similar, separately and long ago. It was the first time they'd each met Makuta Teridax.

"But the rest of you know. You know that there was a time when the word 'Makuta' commanded respect. Authority. And fear. Now, the Makuta have passed, and with them the legacy they carried. But not their name. Their name... lives on with me."

"This is absurd!" Nektann bellowed, and slammed his fist on the dais. "The Makuta are no more! You are but a... pretender. Perhaps a Toa playing pretend at being something other than a sniveling little--"

In a flash, Nektann was lifted off his feet, and the others looked on in shock as a huge hand made of shadow gripped the Skakdi warlord around the throat. Makuta's cloak whipped around him as the shadow arm whipped beneath it, his eyes focused on Nektann as he choked for air. After a moment, the hand's grip released, dropping Nektann to his knees and retracting back into its master's body. Nektann gasped as his airway opened, spluttering as he tried to catch his breath.

"Make no mistake, Nektann." Makuta hissed. "Teridax is dead. Mata Nui made sure of that. But I live. I am the Makuta's successor. I wear his mask, and I wield his power, and in his name I have called you all together with a proposition. You can either hear that proposition, Nektann, or I can show you what happens when you cross me twice."

The Skakdi rose to his feet, still shaken but more willing to hear the stranger's words. Makuta continued.

"We are at the precipice of a new era. Spherus Magna is whole once more, and the Matoran and Agori are attempting to unite into one, singular society. If this happens, the Matoran and Agori will be stronger than ever before, unshakeable in their newfound unity. But at this moment, we have an opportunity. A chance to take control of this union before it can come together. 'Friends', I believe that it is time to reform the League of Six Kingdoms."

"With all due respect," Pridak chimed in. "I was a member of the original League. That plan didn't exactly work out well for us. What makes you think you can do better?"

"Because we will not have a Great Spirit to attend with." Makuta replied. "Or a Brotherhood of Makuta. And the Order of Mata Nui is more scattered than any other time in history. All we have to contend with are a handful of Toa, some Turaga, and the remaining Agori and Glatorian. And what have we? Malum controls an entire tribe of Vorox. Pridak has an army that was willing to march upon Metru Nui for him. Nektann has the support of the Skakdi. Roodaka once possessed the power of the Visorak horde, and with my assistance could do so again. And Tuyet and I possess our own... secret weapon. Together, we are more than strong enough to take on these scattered foes. And with their destruction, a new empire can emerge on Spherus Magna, the likes of which none of us have ever seen."

"Well, I certainly like the energy." Malum chuckled. "But what makes you think any of us are going to join with you?"

"Tuyet has already granted me her support. And as for the rest of you, I won't make anyone join this League. But you must answer a single question: can any of you think of a world in which a Matoran-Agori alliance would be of benefit to you?"

The others were silent, knowing full-well that what Makuta said was true. It had been many years since anyone had spoken to any of them with such conviction, and it stirred a fire in them that some of them felt had long since been snuffed out. One by one, the new Barraki nodded in affirmation to Makuta, confirming their allegiance. He nodded, and beneath his Mask of Shadows he gave a small smile.

"Well, then." he said, stepping forward and placing his weapons on the dais. "Welcome to the League of Six Kingdoms."
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Prologue: "Makuta" reborn - Heir to the Kraahkan
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